Our Story

Founded in 1984, by Clarke O. and Martha T. Mazza, Pot O’ Gold Productions, Inc., is a premiere movie theatre advertising and on-screen advertising company. Pot O’ Gold Productions & CineMission has provided movie theater advertising starting with slides in 1984 with four movie screens in Jacksonville, Florida, POG has grown to include over 300 screens in 35 states and Canada with High Definition Digital on-screen advertising.

During this growth, Pot O’ Gold Productions & CineMission has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of business of all sizes, from small mom & pop to large national firms, helping them with movie theater advertising and on-screen advertising. We have the experience to help you design, produce and display your ad to get the desired results at the lowest possible cost. The staff at Pot ‘O Gold Productions & CineMission is dedicated to providing quality service at a reasonable and modest investment. There is no better branding tool than movie theater advertising and on-screen advertising!


Our Mission

Pot O’ Gold Productions & CineMission’s goal is to ensure that all businesses, large or small, are offered the opportunity to display their message at an economical price through our movie theater advertising and digital on-screen advertising program.


Clarke Mazza, CEO

Phone: 904-744-7478; ext. 657

Clarke is a native of Jacksonville, Florida and has been married to his one and only wife and business partner Martha T. Mazza for 27 years. Together, Clarke has two children, Cristina A. Mazza who has graduated from FSU this summer with her Master’s degree in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) with a 3.5 GPA. Clarke and Martha’s son Nicholas C. Mazza has graduated from UNF as a Psychology degree with plans to continue as a Business Major. Both Clarke and Martha attend Christian Family Chapel church in Mandarin where Clarke uses his abilities in wood working to custom build furniture as well as serving in the technical and audio-visual departments.

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Martha grew up in the north eastern united states where her Father who worked for AT&T moves from location to location.  Yearning for more adventures Martha chose to move to Florida to attend Jacksonville University where she met her future husband Clarke.  She Graduated with honors as a Medical Technologist, but soon found her interest in business helping Clarke with his music studio and later the Movie advertising business.In the early days of the business working out of their home, Martha would travel from town to town with Clarke acting as Secretary, Treasurer, Chauffer, Counselor and wife.


Martha Mazza, CFO

Without this strong support and encouragement from Martha, Clarke would have never been able to make as many sales trips and had the get up and go as he did.Now with the base of clients built and a strong support office staff, Martha spends most of her time acting as the financial “mortar” that binds the company together, providing essential financial information to Clarke and Luke so that timely and informative decisions can be made.When not performing her invaluable function as CFO, Martha is strongly involved in the critical decision making meetings and discussions when making plans for the future direction of the company. She brings a fresh and unique perspective to the table and really causes everyone in these meetings to “think deeper” because of her “what if” questions. Without her invaluable input, POG would not be nearly as successful as it is today! This husband and wife team comprises the quintessential entrepreneurial team, and as professing Christians, both Martha and Clarke believe that the primary reason for the success of Pot O’Gold is their adherence to the business and moral principles outlined in the Bible.


Luke McCann, COO

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After graduating from Colorado State University, Luke returned to Florida to start his professional career. A short stint in jet/plane brokering really taught Luke the ropes when it comes to sales. He then entered the telecom market and was extremely successful as a sales rep. He quickly moved into management and then became the Director of Sales for Epicus Communications. The CEO of the company decided to start a sales consulting business and offered to bring Luke on as a partner and consultant.

During the three years of owning and help running the sales consulting business, he had the opportunity to work with many successful and wise business people from small companies to corporate giants such as AT&T, Jani-King, United Way, AOL, Consolidated Electric Distributors, and Modis. The experience of working with so many companies equipped him with a diversified understanding of business. Seeing different operational and sales models allowed Luke to use the best of each company to create his own processes and structure. He then used this knowledge to help create the process in which his partner then wrote the book “Winning Every Time”.

While consulting for Pot O’ Gold over five years ago, Clarke and Luke saw the opportunity to strengthen the Pot O’ Gold team by adding the third leg to the business stool. With Luke’s sales and operational background, Clarke’s operational and technical savvy, and Martha’s financial understanding Pot O’ Gold is an industrial leader in Theatre Advertising with innovating digital technology. Luke brings additional expertise with the ins and outs of running a small business including assembling a skilled and cohesive team.

Pot O’ Gold has continued to grow since Luke’s arrival. Solidifying theatre relationships while focusing on customer retention, the quality of Pot O’ Gold customers is continuing to rise. Luke has also increased the length of time a customer advertises with us while stabilizing monthly revenues. With the core business becoming more stable, we have now included a focus on creating new revenue streams. With the acquisition of CineMission and the launch of we have now added two additional revenue streams. We see bright days ahead and are encouraged with the synchronicity of the new businesses. God’s blessings on our business are certainly noticed and appreciated!

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Pete got his start in the Washington D.C. suburbs of Northern Virginia. After attending Virginia Tech for two years, he transferred to George Mason University to play in a rock band with some high school friends. They hit the local scene for a couple years and performed at a rock festival in Estonia before the band decided to move to L.A., but Pete had other ideas. He worked for a tech company called BDM, which became TRW, which was bought by Northrop Grumman. While there, he started at the helpdesk, moved into the network administration team, and eventually worked on a PKI certificate project for network security.


Pete Guss

Trafficking/Program Director

Relocating to Florida, he worked for a cost recovery company called Equitrac as a field service engineer. After playing poker with Luke McCann for a couple of years, Luke realized that Pete was just the guy Pot O’ Gold needed to solidify the tech side of the company.As the Trafficking/Program Director at Pot O’ Gold, Pete’s primary responsibility is to make sure the intermission program is on screen at the movie theatres and running properly, both technically and aesthetically. He is involved in assuring that the presentation is running on the screen how and when it should be, from audio/visual concerns like volume, framing, projector light throw, and quality control of the ad format; to scheduling to coincide with movie start times. He is also responsible the proper operation of the back end hardware like projectors and media players. Pete also handles the equipment for all new theatre installs.When not talking to theatre managers and projectionists daily to make sure the equipment is functioning properly and technical details are in order, he makes time to work with the graphics team to do voice-overs and even create new spots.Note from Clarke O. Mazza President – CEO: When someone needs something technical done right away, they go to Pete for a quick resolution. With his “Never Say Die” attitude, if he doesn’t know the answer, he knows where to look, whom to ask, or how to find out. Pete has become an invaluable part of the POG team.


Chase Hancock

Marketing/Creative Dir.

Phone: 904-744-7478; ext.658

Chase was born and raised in North Florida and has always had a passion for design. Learning from his grandmother, she taught him how to draw and paint at a very early age. Throughout his life, he fell in love with technology and gadgets that lead him to the world of digital arts and graphic design. In high school, he was the co-editor of the school newspaper. After graduating high school, Chase studied Graphic Design and Multimedia from the University of North Florida. Chase is proficient in the Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office and Cinema 4D on both PC and Mac.

Phone: 904-744-7478; ext. 652

Born and raised in Philadelphia, PA, Jarrett has always had a love for the arts. It began when he analyzed level designs in video games followed by set designs in movies and other forms of media. Jarrett graduated high school in 2003 and attended college for two semesters before he decided to answer the call to serve his country. After seven years in the Army, Jarrett finished what he started in 2003 and graduated from Keiser Univeristy with an A.A. in Graphic Design. He then went to Full Sail University where he received a B.A. in Web Design and Development. Jarrett is proficient at all of the Adobe Creative products as well as Cinema 4D, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, and more.


Jarrett Adams

Senior Graphic Designer


Mary Lusk

Graphic Designer

Phone: 904-744-7478; ext. 661

Mary was born and raised in a quiet suburb in northeastern Florida near the banks of the St. Johns River. From a young age, Mary knew she wanted to be an artist for life. She spent two years working towards an Illustration degree at Jacksonville University where she was involved in the art department and was a gallery assistant. After two years, she transferred to Florida State University. She graduated from Florida State University in 2015 with a major in Studio Art and a minor in Philosophy. Right after college she got a job working for Pot o’ Gold doing storyboards, concept art, and building ads.

Phone: 904-744-7478; ext. 663

Jennifer is a native of Central Florida, where she was an investigative newspaper reporter and photographer for several years, and later a program manager, technical editor, and liaison for a geotechnical engineering firm, before relocating to Jacksonville and joining POG in 2014. She works with POG’s production team as preshow technician, and serves as an administrative assistant and account manager in charge of trade accounts and collections.


Jennifer Starling

Pre-Show Tech/Account Mgr.


Jeremy Spellman

Sales Executive

Phone: 904-744-7478; ext. 659