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Here at POG, we’ve been working with businesses and theatres of all sizes for the past 32 years.  Personally, I have a particular interest in helping out the smaller business and theatre owner/entrepreneur.  This is one of the main reasons I got into the movie advertising business.  As a small business person in my 20’s I discovered how awfully expensive advertising could be.  In fact, I wanted to advertise my small music business (teaching music) on the screens of my local AMC theatre back in the summer of 1984.

What I found was that for just six (6) screens with only slides (no sound, no music & no motion) the fee was a whopping $1,200 per month.  The second word I thought of when I heard this was “ludicrous”.  I will not print the first word!!   I knew that it did not cost that much to produce an ad and put it up on the screen with a slide projector.  (No wonder why they only had a couple of advertisers!!!)  So, within about 6 months we started selling ads for $88 per month for four (4) screens.  It was a huge success and so Pot O’Gold was born!

Our philosophy from the start was to provide 97% of the service for 1/10th the cost.  Well, it worked and as time went on we increased our fees to about 1/3rd to ½ of the fees charged by the “big boys”, still a great value!  This provides the opportunity for both large AND small businesses the opportunity to advertise, creating a more stable “Book of Business” and actually higher revenues, because we can target a larger segment of the business population.  But, enough of this story . . .

Since the beginning, I have acquired a lot of knowledge, information and experience regarding M.A.P.S., Marketing, Advertising, Presentation & Sales, that I would like to share with any of you who are interested.  Why?  I just want to help you become more successful because it is the small, not large business that drive our great America.  So, as a resource to all of the companies that do business with Pot O’Gold Productions, Inc., and all of our theatres with which we do business, I will be placing articles and white papers in this MAPS section on our website that should be of interest to the smaller of small businesses.  Those companies that have from 1 to 25 employees.  Some I’ll write, others will be links to other articles that I think are really good.   ALL will be appropriate for small business.

Now, I know there is a lot of information out on the web with regard to this type of information.  So, why am I creating another one?  Well two main reasons: (A) To discuss those subjects that are of particular interest to small businesses and (B) To cut thru all of the fluff and to deliver the facts in an easy to read format; Sort of like “Cliff Notes”.  Not all of what you see and read will apply to all of you; so use the “Grocery Store Method”.  What is that?  Well, when you go to the grocery store, you don’t buy everything you see, you select those items that best fit your wants and desires.  Do the same with this collection of pieces!

If you don’t see something that you would like to have some information about, or want more detailed information about a subject in a particular article, let me know!  I’ll do my best to help out!

And, finally, I invite YOUR comments and input and even an article if you care to write one! (Just sendto me at:

Clarke O. Mazza

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