What Are The Benefits of Choosing POG?

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These are many of the few reasons POG is your best choice! You will get the best personal service, presentation quality and commissions this industry has to offer when you choose Pot O’ Gold Productions. Call some of our references to find out why they chose POG!

You’ll make a very fair commission with POG; up to 60% commission is possible with us!

POG has been in this business for 31 years, since 1984 so we know that theatre owners expect an entertaining & profitable program out of their intermission programs! And that is JUST want POG delivers!

Many providers don’t have a dedicated sales force that come to your city. POG maintains an entire division of sales professionals (NOT used car sales persons), to actually come to your city on a regular basis! NOTHING can take the place of face-to-face sales meetings . . . NOTHING!

POG is not the biggest. We don’t want to be. We just want to be the best choice for independent, owner operated theatres in smaller towns and cities. Think about it. How important is your business to a vendor that has hundreds of locations and thousands of screens to contend with? POG does not accept all theatres; just the ones that fit our criteria and for which we know we will be successful!!! POG specializes in the owner operated theatre company just like yours, and you WILL have our attention!

We can produce a program that can be run on your LMS and Big “D” projectors, or we can install our own “Little-d” equipment. It’s your choice

You will pretty much have total control for what is placed on your screens. With other companies, you get what you get; with POG, you get what you want.

Our Program comes in two parts: The Early Pre-Show (EPS) and the Late Pre-Show (LPS). The EPS is comprised of Theatre ID, concessions, policy, trivia and of course paid LOCAL advertising and is scheduled to run before the published start time of the movie. The LPS is simply a few National or Regional advertisements that are interspersed among your previews and is limited to either three (3) minutes or seven (7) minutes of content. You may choose to run either or both of these programs.

POG controls the specific order in which each spot (advertisement) plays. This enables us to sell according to how close the client wants their advertisement to be shown prior to the beginning of the movie. What this means for you is that we can charge more for the spots that are close to the beginning, while at the same time we can offer spots further back in the program at a more affordable rate for the smaller businesses. Overall, this means a more stable income, higher revenues (about 20% more), and larger commission checks for your theatre!